What My Father Found While Cleaning Out Our Family Cottage

The Story Behind How We Came To Be Kanahoma

Since launching Kanahoma last November, a lot of folks have rightfully asked about the name, whether it’s how to pronounce it, where it came from, or why I chose it.

So as we start out a new year, I thought I’d tackle those questions, as well as share a story I wrote several years ago that may shed some more light on a truly special place from my past.

How do you pronounce Kanahoma?
While the name may look Hawaiian, it’s actually pronounced “Can-Uh-Home-Uh”

Where does the name come from?
Technically speaking, the name is a combination of “Kansas” and “Oklahoma,” but more specifically, it was the name of an old cabin in the Finger Lakes region of Western NY that my family owned for 99 years. It was named “Kanahoma” after two states our family had relocated from in the 1800’s.

Why did I choose it?
I chose to name the agency Kanahoma for three reasons:

  1. I loved Kanahoma. Growing up we would spend weeks of our summer out at the cabin and it grew to become the place I felt most at home, most at peace, and most present. When I am stressed or can not sleep, I will often close my eyes and imagine I am back there, walking the shoreline, counting the waves. Waking up each day and going to work for a company that shares its name puts me in such a warm, welcoming, and positive place.

  2. It was available. As any good marketer will tell you, nothing is original and everything has been done. To find a one word name like Kanahoma and have it unused and available in 2020 was pretty great.

  3. It’s my north star. Last year, after 99 years, our family was forced to part with the cabin after my grandmother passed away. As far fetched as this may sound, if this agency does well, then someday maybe I’ll sell the business and go buy the cabin back.

While the above answers address the most common questions I get, I’d love to share a story that paints the picture more clearly of just how special a place this really was.

Here is a link to a story I originally published in 2015 about a truly remarkable discovery that took place at the cabin, while my Father was cleaning it out. If you have a few minutes, I’d love it if you checked it out.

Editor’s Note

Thank you for indulging this story from my past. Kanahoma truly is, was, and will always be the specialist of places to me.

If you have a place like Kanahoma in your own past, I would sincerely love to hear about it.

Happy New Year,