Welcome to the Root Revolution

Are you with me?

Of the many lessons I have learned over the past year, I have been humbled and inspired by the transformative power of community support.

When I left my stable job to venture out on my own, I was inundated with words of encouragement from close friends and distant acquaintances.

When my wife contracted COVID-19 while pregnant with our first child, it felt like everyone who found out reached out and we were blanketed with support.

And since our daughter arrived in January, not a day has gone by that someone hasn’t made a point of sharing a few simple words of encouragement.

On Sunday, as I celebrated my first Father’s Day, my phone lit up with messages from dear and distant family, old friends and new, close colleagues from a decade ago, and folks I’ve just started working with this year.

Simply put, the heartfelt support I’ve received has been empowering and fostered a form of hopefulness I’ve not quite experienced before.

What it Means to Believe in Others

There is something powerful and contagious about rooting for people.

About being inspired by the dreams of others and finding wholeness in the goodness that comes from genuinely wishing the best for those around you.

About not being threatened by others’ pursuits, but being inspired by them.

Because despite what our hyper competitive culture may want us to believe, more-often-than-not life is not a zero sum game.

Your success doesn’t set back my journey.

Your light doesn’t dampen mine.

Welcome to the Root Revolution

And so you know what? I’m rooting. I’m rooting for all of it.

Whether you want to keep your job or quit your job, start a business or get down to business, pick up and move or put down roots, I’m rooting for you.

Whatever dream you have, aspiration you’re chasing, I’m here for all of it.

I’m all in on being all in.

Because you know what’s free? Rooting for other people.

And trust me, that good will compounds.

About the Author

Seth is the founder and CEO of Kanahoma, a San Diego-based education marketing agency. Operating at the intersection of beautiful brand creative and effective direct response marketing, Kanahoma partners with colleges and universities, education technology and service providers, as well as K-12 organizations.

You can learn more about Kanahoma at www.Kanahoma.com.