The Difference Between Good Marketers and Great Ones

How to Transcend Service to Truly Serve the Brand

If you work in marketing, you’re no doubt busier than ever.

Just about everyone I know is being asked to do more with less.

But increased activity doesn’t always increase productivity and it’s time for us as marketers to slow down and ask…

Am I Creating Work Or Just Receiving It?

Marketing is, of course, a service unit. We support our bosses, our peers, and the business at large.

But if marketing is only a service unit, then it is failing to truly serve the needs of the business.

It’s time to take a look at your To Do List, to draw a line down a single sheet of paper and create two columns - Received v. Created.

Now go through your list, and fill out those columns, and ask…

Where Did This Work Come From?

In our collective effort to serve the organizations we’re a part of, it’s far too easy for marketers to fall into the trap of only servicing the work that is requested.

When resources are limited and teams are stretched, it’s easy to fill the queue with requests coming in from others, sidelining our own aspirations, ideas, and innovations; all the things we’d love to implement if only we had more time…

Why Service Doesn’t Always Serve

For most of us, the unfortunate reality is the majority of what we spend our time on are projects given to us by someone else.

It’s not to say great and necessary marketing projects can’t come from places outside of marketing - they of course can, and often do - but the greatest impact a marketer can have is creating - and executing - the meaningful marketing that must be done.

We are uniquely positioned to grasp the needs of the business, understand the opportunities marketing provides, and marry them into unique and impactful projects that have the ability to elevate the brand and drive the business.

What It Means To Truly Serve

As marketers we must not solely serve the needs of individual stakeholders, but seek to serve the needs of the business itself.

We must guard our time with the same respect and reverence with which we guard the brand.

The truth is, no one is going to ask us to do the work that must be done.

It is on us to bring it forward.

And that’s why the difference between a good marketer and a great one is the ability to create the right work, at the right time.

So take another look at your To Do list and ask yourself…

Am I Creating Work Or Just Receiving It?

Editor’s Note

Kanahoma just wrapped up our first quarter of 2021 and I couldn’t be more excited with how things went. We’re actively working with eight clients, brought on another full-time employee, and are pacing ahead of our annual revenue goal.

To all who have supported us so far, my sincerest gratitude. And to those who may be in need of some marketing support, please don’t hesitate to reach out!